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(75% player participation as of 8.6.19 . . . there's 7 days left . . .

what are you willing to do?)

Join our growing list of donors; see your favorite player for their e-mail/text campaign if you haven't already received it!  Thank you in advance for your generous support in our 2019 Barons Football Challenge.  Every dollar is valuable!

***WOOHOO!  As of 8.14.19, we are at 109% of our goal with 259 awesome donors contributing to the football program.  We are sincerely grateful for your generosity!  There's still time left to be supportive.  Every dollar matters no matter the amount.

Your donation will fund:

  • passing league tournament fees

  • footballs

  • replacement helmets

  • helmet repair

  • olympic lift platforms

  • travel expenses

  • game day attire (jerseys, pants)

  • end of the year banquets

  • awards ceremonies

Past donor support has led to:​

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