Snack Shack (HBHS Field)

Friday Night Varsity Games

If you need to cancel the day of your service, PLEASE call or e-mail Kym Toombs; Thank you!

Snack Shack

(At Huntington Beach High School during Varsity games)

Hungry for some football?

Volunteer for some fun as you help fans satisfy their hunger!

Enjoy a fun time and catch a glimpse of our

Barons scoring a touchdown or four while you're at it! 

Job description:  set up the goodies, take cash, make                                                          change, hand out a napkin or two, etc.

                                                (...and clean up.)

Days:  Fridays

Shifts:  5:45-9:45p.m.

(Please help clean up a few things before leaving; thank you!)


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Thank you!